The Samsung Galaxy Note 9- A Bust?

The Phone That Might Decide the Samsung Note Series’ Fate..

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will launch just two days from now, August 9th. That’s good news for fans of big-screened phones as the Note is expected to have a 6.38 inch display. It could also be the first Samsung flagship to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner, although most sources are saying this feature will be released on the Galaxy S10.

Release Date:

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 9 will make its debut on August 9th in New York. It will start to go on sale two weeks later on 24th August.


The Samsung Flagship is expected to have a whooping price at $980. I personally think it’s way too much for a phone that is really similar to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

What’s New?

The Note 9 will have a 6.38 inch display, barely beating the Note 8’s 6.34 inch display. It will also boast a new camera with Al technology that optimizes the camera based on the type of landscape, person, animal or food. The camera will also throw up text-style ‘speech bubbles’ that pop up if it detects your picture having imperfections like blurriness or closed eyes. Because this is one of Samsung’s Note products, it will come with a bundled stylus called the S Pen. The color of each S Pen will be the color of your off-screen memo font. The Note 9 will also come with a bundled Wireless AKG noise cancelling headphones and an exclusive Fortnite gaming package.

That’s basically it to be honest. In my opinion, Samsung just released an underwhelming phone. I’m just waiting for that Galaxy S10 to drop, a flexible phone???

-Tahmid Islam

Co-President of StemTalksNC

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2 thoughts on “The Samsung Galaxy Note 9- A Bust?

  1. Great article! I’d like to add that though the price is $980, lots of other flagship phones have dramatically increased in price as well over the last few years so it’s not uncommon to see “budget” or midrange phones selling for $350-500, albeit with great specs that rival flagships (e.g. OnePlus phones). Overall, however, I do think that this is not a great deal but might be worth it if you are an avid Samsung fan that just NEEDS to own every new phone that they release.


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