The Flynn Effect

The world has experienced a number of dramatic changes over extended periods of time. One of these sustained, high-impact changes is the Flynn Effect, a psychological term utilized to refer to the widespread augmentation of crystallized and fluid intelligence that has been observed in the 20th century of human history.

Several decades ago, the average IQ level hovered around 100; however, today, the average IQ scores are significantly higher than 100. This general increase in IQ can be attributed to the Flynn Effect, a phenomenon detected globally.

Despite acceptance of the Flynn Effect, major controversy exists in the explanation of this concept. Several ideas are presented to provide reasons for the effect including improvements in health and nutrition and deviations in global society demonstrated since the Industrial Revolution. The potential for theories about the concept is great; it is clear that a variety of factors can influence the proliferation of the Flynn Effect.

There are a grand amount of implications that can be derived from the Flynn Effect regarding the nature of the human mind and manner of thinking. The human mind is a fascinating instrument of precision and astounding capability; there is no doubt that the Flynn Effect is not alone and that the evolution of the mind will continue.

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