At the time of writing this article, there are 7.7 billion people that live on earth today. That number keeps on rising because on average, 360,000 people are born every day! We are living in the middle of a crisis. We have too many people and not enough resources to sustain us all.

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The way scientists determine whether a place is overpopulated is to compare the population to the amount of resources available in that area. This is called determining the carrying capacity. Scientists approximate that the maximum carrying capacity of the earth is around 10 billion people. The causes of overpopulation include but are not limited to…

  • Better medical facilities
  • More working people per family to combat poverty
  • Immigration to more prosperous lands
  • Advancements in Fertility treatment
  • Lack of family planning
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This picture details that population grows at an exponential rate while resources grow linearly

What complications arise from overpopulation?

There are many problems that arise from overpopulation. The biggest problem is the depletion of earth’s resources. Because population grows exponentially and resources grow at a linear rate, at a certain point in time, the population will exceed the carrying capacity (more people than resources). Another very big concern that arises from overpopulation is the degradation of the environment. The more people that exist in an area, the more fossil fuels get expelled. This allows more greenhouse gasses to be emitted into the atmosphere which causes global warming to occur at a more rapid pace than it is occuring now.

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Education is the most effective way to combat overpopulation

What is the best way to combat overpopulation?

The best way to combat overpopulation is education. Trends have shown that countries in which women are educated and employed (first-world countries) actually have a decreasing population (more people die than are being born everyday). By educating women in third-world countries (areas with the most people), we can decrease the amount of people that are born. Education also betters the communities in the third-world countries. These better conditions lead to less children overall (the reason that people have more children in third-world countries is that there is a less chance that they will survive due to poor conditions). – Post written by Yash Banga




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