Leptin – Hunger Hormone

A recent study at Yale occurred regarding the role of the hormone leptin that controls our eating habits.

Leptin is secreted by fat cells and when is released it signals the brain when the fuel in body fat is being lost. This causes an increase in the appetite in humans. Researchers continued experiments and revealed that in rodents, fasting activates brain receptors of leptin. Additionally, the pituitary and adrenal glands that secrete corticosterone that regulates food intake as well.


A certain sequence of these secretions is required for leptin to cause hunger, and when food is restricted then leptin concentrations decline. Plasma corticosterone also activates AgRP neurons that stimulate hunger when leptin is low in the body. Dieting drops leptin and blood sugar in humans.

This research shows that the endocrine system helps regulate leptin and food intake under hunger conditions. Also AgRP neurons are a new target for scientists to treat obesity, to control the neuron and reduce overeating.

Written By: Neil 6/26/2019



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