The Impending Water Crisis

There are three things that all life on earth requires.

  1. Food
  2. Air
  3. Water

Imagine a world where you would have to survive without one of these three essential things. Unfortunately, for some third world countries, they will not have to wonder about this post-apocalyptic scenario for much longer. Many countries in Africa are on the verge of losing their water supply. Cape Town, South Africa nearly ran out of water in 2018. Due to poor budget spending, and an extreme heating climate, the south african government announced that on April 2018 that all water systems in the municipality were to shut down  unless serious drastic changes in the water supply where made. Fortunately, these changes where made, and at the time of writing this article, Cape Town still has running water.

Image result for capetown water disaster

So how did they do it? How did an area that was on the brink of destruction, bounce back?

There were many processes that the government implemented in order to conserve water. Billboards were put up by the government that directed people to take a max of two minute showers. Buckets were to be put at the base of the shower to catch excess water that could be used to clean other things such as clothes. Farmers were one group of people that were specifically targeted by the government. Farmers were to plant less water intensive crops.

Image result for cape town billboards to dave water
This Billboard was setup in South Africa to help spread awareness

There are many things that we as a human race can do in order to assure that we have plenty of water. We can make sure that we have a healthy mindset. Just because one country runs out of water, that doesn’t mean that every other place on earth does not get affected. We only have a limited amount of water and if we carelessly use it, there won’t be any fresh water on earth. Another thing that we can do is educate younger people about the limited resources we have. If people are more aware of the limited amount we have, they are less likely to frivolously spend them. They will also understand the impact of these resources and hopefully no other place on earth will be as close to running out of water or any other life essential as Cape Town was in 2018. -Post written by Yash Banga

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