Flint Water Crisis

In April 2014 disaster struck in one of Michigan’s largest cities. It was a disaster that still affects over 100,000 residents and the issue shows no signs of being resolved. The Flint Water Crisis is easily our nation’s biggest blemish.

Image result for flint water crisis
This picture shows the comparisons between clean water, and the one in Flint

In order to save 25 million dollars in the long term the state of Michigan took control over Flint’s finances. It was decided that a new pipeline was to be constructed that would deliver water from Lake Huron rather than Detroit. While the pipeline was being constructed, the city switched over to the Flint River as a temporary water supply. Soon after this happened, residents noticed a change in color, smell, and taste in the water.

Image result for flint river
This is a picture of the Flint River

What happened?
Shortly after the switch and many concerns by residents, a test run by the Environmental Protection Agency showed an extremely dangerous amount of lead in the water. Lead is dangerous as it affects the nervous system as well as the heart, and kidneys. It also affects developing children in a variety of different ways. Impaired cognition, behavioral disorders, and delayed puberty are just some of the harmful effects. Also because many homes in flint have lead service lines, and the water was already tainted, lead and iron also started to reach the water.

Image result for lead effects on the body

Actions taken against the city

  The city of Flint/the state of Michigan faced much backlash as a result of this fiasco. Below is a list of notable actions taken against the city.

  • General Motors decides to use water from Lake Huron rather than the flint river which costs Flint 400,000 dollars
  • Groups of activists file lawsuits against the city
  • Residents file federal class act lawsuits
  • Five hundred and fourteen residents and former residents of Flint file a class action lawsuit against the EPA.
Image result for lawsuit on flint

What is being done?
After 5 million dollars in aid that was given by president obama was squandered, Flint is still left without a viable source of clean water. The most viable solution that currently exists is the waterbox. Jaden Smith has currently set up hundreds of theses portable filtration systems around the city.- Post by Yash Banga

Image result for water box
The Water box is helping thousands of residents get clean water




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