Environmental Science – Astronomy: Tides and Debris

Welcome to the last astronomy post!

Gravity between the Earth, moon, and the sun causes tides. The moon’s gravity has a strong effect on the oceans than the sun due to how much closer the moon is to the Earth. Daily there are 2 high and 2 low tides.

Spring tides are when the Earth, sun, and the moon are aligned in a straight line and the gravity of the sun and the moon causes extreme high and low tides lasting for around 1-2 weeks.

Neap tides are when the sun and the moon are perpendicular, 90 degrees, from the Earth apart where their pulls cancel each other out causes weak high and low tides.

Neap Tide

Now lets talk about types of floating structures in space.

Comets are icy asteroids that are frozen and in the outer solar system. This is their orbital patter and structure:


Asteroids are rocky particles that failed at constructing a planet and are also controlled by Jupiter’s gravity. The asteroid belt is between mars and Jupiter and is very rocky whereas the Kuiper belt is behind Neptune and is more compiled of comets.

Meteoroids are smaller asteroids, meteors are meteoroids that enter the Earth’s atmosphere, and a meteorite is a meteor that makes contact with the Earth’s surface.

Written By: Neil 7/18/2019


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