Interspecies Communication could be a possibility

Have you ever wanted to communicate with animals? Chances are at one point or another you have wondered what goes on in the mind of the living things we share the earth with. Scientists believe that we might crack the code to communicating with other species and Dolphins are our best bet.

How can scientists says that communicating with these creatures is even possible?

Scientists believe that these marine creatures are the key to crack interspecies communication. Dolphins are  highly intelligent animals and have a complex vocal pattern/way of communication that is similar to that of humans. Over the course of 28 years oceanographer Denise Herzing (Florida Atlantic University) has lived (near) and researched dolphins in their natural habitat. She observed that over some time the dolphins expressed interest/curiosity in humans. They started responding/mimicking clicking noises that the researchers were vocalizing. The cetaceans also appeared to mimic the postures/body behavior of the researchers, as well as invited them into dolphin “games”/circles.

How will scientists crack the code?

Recently Herzing has assembled a team of researches and together they have created C.H.A.T.. C.H.A.T stands for Cetacean Hearing And Telemetry and is essentially a wearable keyboard that can allow humans to interact with dolphins using a series of clicks. This translator of sorts will convert human speech into clicks that dolphins will understand and will convert dolphin clicks into human speech.

I believe that first we must map out dolphin speech patterns in its entirety. After doing this we will be able to determine what each click means and will therefore be able to communicate. The road to this discovery will not be an easy or short one but I do know this much; if we are able to crack the code of interspecies communication, the world will change forever. We could develop cures to diseases that humans suffer and also understand and treat animal pain. The possibilities are endless.-Post written by Yash Banga


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