Why do birds have such beautifully colored feathers?

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The feathers of birds are of various different patterns and colors depending on the bird. These colors are formed in two different ways. The first way is the pigmentation. The color is because of pigments and they are not dependent on the structure of the feather at all. The second way is through the refraction of light that is because of the structure of feathers. Sometimes it can be a result of both. The pigmentation and structural colors can possibly come together and be the reason for the different colors in a bird.

Birds tend to have colorful feathers in order to attract male birds. Some male birds use their colorful feathers when dancing and attracting females. Color is not just limited to one specific gender. They also have various colors to differentiate between their own selves and other birds in a flock. If they didn’t have these colors they would get confused between their mates and family members.

They also use their colorful feathers in flight. Depending on the size and weight, the bird can take long flights. They give them different flying abilities. Feathers protect birds from environmental changes and different colors help them camouflage. The difference in color is because of the variation in pigment. Pigments add color to the feathers.

The difference in color also helps them maintain stable body temperatures. For example, black feathers attract more heat toward themselves than white feathers. Finally, birds use their colorful feathers to warn off birds from their territory. They also use their wings as defense mechanisms. 

-Sanaa Dalvi

Author at StemTalksNC

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