Wireless networks

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A wireless network is a network that allows devices to be connected without the use of any wires. Although this technology sounds simple and is used very often, there is a complex process that makes it possible.

Different types of Wireless Networks

Wifi- The most known type of wireless network which acts as a hotspot for different devices

Cellular Networks- Classified into sub-categories of 3G, 4G, and 5G which all denote the generation of wireless networks

Bluetooth- A radio communication technology that allows for short-distance wireless networking between different devices

Benefits of Wireless Networks:

Wireless networks offer a wide variety of benefits over wired networks. For example, wireless networks allow for much more accessibility as they are not attached to wires. Additionally, wireless networks allow for new types of devices to access the internet without having to be connected to a wire.

Disadvantages of Wireless Networks:

While wireless networks offer more ease for consumers, there are security concerns associated with such networks. Since these networks aren’t connected physically it is much easier for intruders to gain access to wireless networks. Also, the range of wireless networks is much smaller due to its inability to penetrate through multiple layers of wall or interference caused by weather.

How do wireless networks work?

Wireless networks and technologies use radio waves to maintain communication and connection between devices. Wireless today is being applied to a wide array of devices including televisions, smart fridges, and cars. The goal for wireless in the future is to have all devices to be connected seamlessly through one medium.

-Allen Shen 

Author at StemTalksNC



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