Allergies are reactions to specific substances that people are allergic or intolerant to. Allergens are the specific substance that a certain person cannot intake. For example, if someone is allergic to eggs, they will have a negative reaction to consuming egg or anything with egg in it.

Allergy is one form of hypersensitivity which is immediate sensitivity. When an allergen is taken in there is a large reaction of white blood cells that are called mast cells and basophils that causes excessive inflammation. Reactions can include fevers, eczema, asthma, rashes, vomit, etc. Some reactions can be fatal if allergies are extreme.

Several tests are used to test and diagnose conditions of certain allergens like skin test or blood analyzation, especially the levels of an IgE allergen. Treatments are antihistamines and steroids that desensitize reactions but immunotherapy and oral medications such as pills are also provided to people.

Airborne allergens like pollen can cause allergic rhinitis which is also called hay fever causes irritated nostrils accompanied with coughing and sneezing. In severe cases asthma could be caused from bronchoconstriction (airways get narrow), faster mucous production in the airways, and dyspnea (short breaths).

Food allergies cause stomach pain, uneasiness, nausea, itchy skin, and bloating. Insect stings usually effect multiple body systems such as digestive, circulatory, and cardiovascular.

Allergies are usually a result of a mutation in the DNA structure for certain proteins in the body that do not accept the certain allergen. This results in the inflammatory responses or rejections of those allergens and the reactions.

Written By: Neil 8/22/2019


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