Can stem cells be used to help cut death rates in heart attack patients?

Can stem cells be used to help minimize the death rates in heart attack victims? 

A new study suggests that by injecting stem cells (Stem cells are cells with the potential to develop into many different types of cells ) into victim’s chests could nearly half the amount of casualties that arise from cardiac arrest.

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The study (which has since been published in a popular/revered medical journal known as the Lancet) which involved 126 patients from hospitals and medical centers all across the United States, has shown that 37% of patients who had adult stem cells injected into their chest had lower hospitalization and death rates.

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To make sure that the results of this experiment/study were accurate, 48% of the 126 patients (60) were injected with adult stem cells, and the other 52% (66) were injected with a placebo. The results were quite conclusive: in the stem cell group 2 died and 31 were hospitalized. On the other hand, in the placebo/control group, 9 people died, and 54 people were hospitalized.

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Despite all the apparent good that is associated with the study of STEM cells, the FDA is warning people not to “believe all the hype” about this “miracle treatments”. Many quacks (fake doctors) market this form of treatment as an ultimate cure, and often use unproven/untested techniques. According to the official Food and Drug Administration website, the FDA warns “that some patients seeking cures and remedies are vulnerable to stem cell treatments that are illegal and potentially harmful. And the FDA is increasing its oversight and enforcement to protect people from dishonest and unscrupulous stem cell clinics, while continuing to encourage innovation so that the medical industry can properly harness the potential of stem cell products.” To stay on the safe side, patients should always be on the lookout for things that say either FDA approved or are being studied under an Investigational New Drug Application

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This study (overall) shows promise in the STEM field as a whole. For years the usefulness of stem cells has been debated. These “miracle cells” have been subject to a wide field of medicine. From skin grafts to organ regrowth, STEM cells are extremely versatile and maybe one day will be used to treat currently incurable diseases such as AIDS and different forms of cancer. -Post Written by Yash Banga


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