Solar vs Hydropower

Because the earth is projected to run out of fossil fuels (planet earth’s main energy source) within 100 years, scientists are looking for alternatives energy sources that can sustain the earth for the long run. The two most viable solutions are Solar power (harnessing energy that comes from the sun) and Hydropower (harnessing energy from moving water). In this article we will be comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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Solar Power

Solar power is often considered the “ultimate energy source”. This is because is harnesses energy from the sun, an everlasting power source. It is the definition of sustainable energy as it relies on the sun only as a source of power. There are many positives to Solar power.

  • It produces no harmful emissions
  • It can be used anywhere as sunlight hits every part of the earth.
  • It is cost-effective

Unfortunately, there are also some cons to Solar power.

  • Energy is dependant on daily conditions, such as clear skies
  • Efficiency/output depends on region

Hydro Power

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Hydro-power or water power as it is commonly referred to as is the world’s oldest power harnessing technique. It roots trace all the way back to ancient Greece where water was used to grind up what and other crops.Water power currently uses moving water to spin wheels in dams to create electricity. Naturally there are some pros and cons of this method of energy harvesting. The positives include but are not limited to (same applies to solar power above)

  • Clean source of energy that is replenished annually
  • Low failure rates
  • It can save energy as generators  can be turned on/off
  • Maintenance costs are usually low.


  • Rely on high speeds
  • Geographically dependent
  • It can damage ecosystems such as those that tamper with beavers/ fish.
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In Conclusion, there is something that needs to be done in order to make sure that generations to come have a viable energy source that will run their cars, houses and cities. There are pros and cons to both sides, yet both options are better than the one we have now.-Post Written By Yash Banga


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