Space Farming, and Its Applications

Farming in Space | Successful Farming

Using a device called the “veggie”, astronauts were able to grow red lettuce inside the I.S.S. After extensive research, the lettuce was deemed edible. This changes the way we should view how dependent the ISS is on earth. I believe that if NASA improves this technology, astronauts will be able to grow widespread vegetables and fruits which will reduce the pressure on earth to provide food up to space

Veggie Activated to Grow Fresh Plants on Space Station | NASA
This is an image of the Veggie

Space Farming seems to be an idea which in the long term will be beneficial to earth as a whole. It will be able to provide astronauts food in space, lettuce has already been grown, and beans are currently being studied. The downside to this process however, is that it is slow, and will take a long time to fully implement. The results however, could change the world forever by reducing the stress on earths ecosystems to provide food necessary to survival.

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Humans need 6 essential nutrients to survive (vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, water, and carbohydrates). Vegetables such as lettuce would provide a plethora of vitamins, and minerals, and the development of beans would provide protein, carbohydrates, and a few fats. This is only the beginning. It is possible that the ISS may become (with the exception of water) fully independent of earth in terms of food, in the distant future. While space farming thus far, has only been done for research purposes, natural growth (the roots are opposite to the leaves) amongst plants show greats potential.

Food pyramid (nutrition) - Wikipedia

 Some experts also believe that Space farming may in turn deepen our knowledge of agricultural practices, and may give us lessons on how to be more efficient. Space farming could prove to be an invaluable endeavor in terms of space colonization, and may one day lead to a fully autonomous life on another planet.-Yash Banga



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