About StemTalksNC:

The sharing of ideas – communication – is touted as a key aspect in business. We want to develop these skills in youth intending to go into STEM fields. StemTalksNC is a multi-user blogging platform where users can share their insights, journey, reflections, news, ideas, and accomplishments about STEM. This innovative blog will help you expand your knowledge in order for you to achieve a growth mindset.

Here is how it works:


Users will first create a WordPress.com account and send their details over to us by email. Then, we will authorize them to be an author on the stem talks blog. They now can write about anything and everything STEM related ( see our about page for ideas). Each post usually takes about 20-30 to make and by making 3 posts a month, you will become recognized as a regular contributor. If the writer is stuck, needs help, or doesn’t know something, our team of editors will help them solve his/her problem. We ensure that all blog posts on this website are top-notch quality. It is more important to us to create a few quality posts rather than a large number of lower quality posts.


Currently we have several categories of blog posts such as tech, tech news, science, and math tutorials. We are in the process of making series of blog posts about advanced classes in schools such as AP Biology and AP Chemistry. We also are in the middle of making several series on current scientific research. Our first of such series is available to view on the blog. It focuses on Biotechnology and CRISPR.


Absolutely anyone can sign up to write on STEM talks, we are very inclusive. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

About the Founders:

Hi, my name is Tahmid Islam and I am one of the two cofounders of STEM Talks NC. As of Fall 2018, I am a High School Junior. I am looking into a medical career, specifically a Physician. Currently, I am doing a research internship at NCSU, a volunteer for the Zakat Foundation, teacher for middle school chemistry, a personal tutor for math and science, and I am involved with some religious organizations.



Hi, my name is Sai Rachakonda and I am one of the two cofounders of STEM Talks NC. As of Fall 2018, I am High School Junior. I am looking into a medical career, specifically oncology due having a piqued interest from  talking to and shadowing cancer care specialists. I am intrigued by the disease’s nature of defect coming from within the body’s own cell cycle and regulation and not from the exterior environment. Currently I do scientific research at NCSU, am the co-president of my school’s Science Club, a board member my school’s TEDed club, and part of various other organizations such as Mission: Education, TSA (Technology Student Association), and volunteering organizations. For fun, I love to worldbuild and delve into depths of fantasy novels and worlds.