The different stratospheric influence on cold-extremes in Eurasia and North America: Summary

The polar vortex, a low-pressure area near the Earth’s poles, influences winter weather in mid-latitude areas like Canada and France. When the vortex weakens, the risk of cold spells has been proven to increase in Eurasia, but the effects on North American weather is not clear. A group of meteorologists has studied nearly thirty years [...]

Smallest Known Raptor Tracks Suggest Mocroraptorine Activity in Lakeshore Setting: Summary

Ongoing studies in a geological formation in South Korea have produced many different tracks, many of which were small and well-preserved. Now there is a report of diminutive two-toed tracks that are around one centimeter long. They are from a new dromaeosaurid(feathered theropod) trace fossil that is similar to a larger trace fossil found thirty [...]