This is the second installment of an ongoing series pertaining to computers and their internal components. Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the part of a computer that holds information in the short-term so that your CPU can quickly retrieve it and use it to execute tasks as needed. It keeps what your processor needs [...]


This is the first installment of an ongoing series pertaining to computers and their internal components. The CPU, processor,or Central Processing Unit, has often been referred to as the "brains" of the computer, and that would be true except for the fact that the computer as a whole is essentially like a brain. So what [...]


For two years running, Kerala, one of India's southernmost states, has seen record floods throughout the months of July and August that have cost untold billions in damage and have taken countless lives. This wanton destruction is the result of a yearly weather pattern that switches between a hot, dry climate to torrential downpours, known [...]


I've always wondered how exactly speakers and headphones work. To me, it's incredibly fascinating how something manages to turn electrical signals into sound, and now that we have evolved from the days of 8-bit music, how those electrical signals can correlate to audio systems playing people's voices, instruments, and other things with such accuracy. What [...]


Lately, internet service providers like Verizon have been installing 5G networks in certain cities as a sort of test run before potentially expanding this new technology out to the rest of the nation. Meanwhile, smartphone makers like Samsung have released special 5G variants of their models to support this. We all know what 4G data [...]

Potrait Mode

Often times, when you see modern smartphones with two, three, or even FOUR cameras, it has something called portrait mode. Portrait mode, in essence, attempts to mimic the natural effect (background blur) of large professional cameras, an effect generated by the presence of a "plane of focus" in which everything is perfectly clear and sharp [...]