Artificial Intelligence and it’s growing implications in the medical sector

According to studies conducted by medical scientists and researchers in the United States, artificial intelligence is developing a much more influential role than it has held in previous years. How, specifically? By diagnosing the genetic disorders of any patient, just by examining a picture of their face. It seems quite simple; yet, the efficiency this [...]

Influence of technology in government: how extreme is the U.S government’s surveillance with technology?

   In essence, the United States Republican government’s relationship to the people is a stark contrast to the relationship between the North Korean communist government to its people, or the former Soviet Union’s relationship as well. However, it is unfair to say that there is a clear dichotomy between these three models, for there may [...]

The Growing Influence of Engineering in Space

With recent news involving spacecraft landing on Mars, the effect of engineers in space discovery is becoming more apparent to the public. Previously, most people would credit astronauts for their heroic duties in accomplishing the inner desire of humans: exploring the unknown. Now, engineers and scientists are proving to be the initiators of this approach, [...]

Food and STEM: GMOs

Looking into the future, genetically modified foods, such as the one shown in the picture, will create a larger impact than ever on the entire food production industry. To the modern day, they have revolutionized not only the farmer's method of growing crops, but also the consumer's method of purchasing food. However, there exist many [...]