An Introduction to Metabolism pt. 1

Hey All! This blog post is a part of STEMTalksNC’s ever-expanding General Biology Series.  In the next series of posts, we will discuss metabolism, which will help you understand how matter and energy flow during life's processes and how that flow is regulated. An Organism's Metabolism Transforms Matter and Energy Metabolism includes all the chemical reactions of [...]

What Biochemists Study

Biochemists study all the cellular processes necessary for life. Some biochemists focus on understanding the roles of specific biological molecules, such as proteins or lipids, in living cells. Others try to understand how organisms make energy from the nutrients they obtain. Still, others investigate how different cells communicate with each other or how cells defend [...]

Biochemistry: An Introduction to the Fuse Between Biology And Chemistry

Biochemistry represents the meeting of two different sciences, biology and chemistry. Biology is the study of living things, while chemistry is the study of the organization and interactions of matter. Biochemists investigate the chemistry of living systems. Biochemists examine four major biological molecules: carbohydrates, lipids (fats), proteins, and nucleic acids (such as DNA). Biochemists try [...]

The Big Bang Theory

How did our seemingly infinite Universe come about? This is a question that has been prevalent among philosophers and scholar since the beginning of time. Today, the most widely accepted model that answers this question states that the universe came into existence from one single extremely hot and dense point, and something triggered the explosion [...]

Overview of Protists

Welcome to our continuing AP Biology/ General Biology series here on STEM Talks! The purpose of this post is to give you an overview of Protists. All protists were once classified into a single kingdom, but scientists found protists to be polyphyletic: some protists are more closely related to plants, fungi, or animals than they [...]

The Evolution of Populations

Welcome to our continuing AP Biology/ General Biology series here on STEM Talks! The purpose of this post is to talk about population evolution Each organism's traits affect its survival and reproductive success compared with those of other individuals. But the evolutionary impact of natural selection is only apparent in how a population of organisms [...]