Environmental Science – Basics of Energy

Hey everyone, this talk will be focused on the basics of energy. Energy is the ability that something has to do work. Energy is used all around us and by us. There are several forms of energy: Potential energy is stored energy that is positional. Examples include: Gravitational Energy: the energy of a placeChemical Energy: [...]

Environmental Science – Species Roles and Interactions

Hey everyone, welcome back to our environmental science series and let's get straight into our topic on species roles and interactions. A species is a group of individual organisms that share common characteristics and genes that can reproduce with one another and produce viable offspring. Examples include humans, the Bengal tiger, African lion, etc. Generalist [...]

Environmental Science – Biogeochemical cycles

Welcome back to our environmental science series! Today we will be talking about biogeochemical cycles, the biological, chemical, and geological ways chemicals move through our planet's systems and is reused/recycled. This talk is going to be more visual than textual. Understanding these cycles is important because it shows us how vital chemicals are recycled and [...]

Influence of technology in government: how extreme is the U.S government’s surveillance with technology?

   In essence, the United States Republican government’s relationship to the people is a stark contrast to the relationship between the North Korean communist government to its people, or the former Soviet Union’s relationship as well. However, it is unfair to say that there is a clear dichotomy between these three models, for there may [...]

Zombie Frog?!?!

The Sehuencas Water Frogs in Bolivia seem to be back from the dead. Scientists feared that the Sehuencas Water Frogs or the Bolivian frog had gone extinct. Not a single Bolivian frog had been spotted except for one survivor, nicknamed "Romeo" in desperate need to find its "Juliet." Fortunately, after a decade of searching for [...]

Overview of Protists

Welcome to our continuing AP Biology/ General Biology series here on STEM Talks! The purpose of this post is to give you an overview of Protists. All protists were once classified into a single kingdom, but scientists found protists to be polyphyletic: some protists are more closely related to plants, fungi, or animals than they [...]

Environmental Science – Plate Tectonics

Welcome back to our Environmental Science series. On this talk, we will focus on our planet's plate tectonics. This incorporates our plate boundaries, the structure of our Earth, and a little bit of history. Let's get right to it! First of all, our Earth is made up of three main components: crust, mantle, and the [...]

The Evolution of Populations

Welcome to our continuing AP Biology/ General Biology series here on STEM Talks! The purpose of this post is to talk about population evolution Each organism's traits affect its survival and reproductive success compared with those of other individuals. But the evolutionary impact of natural selection is only apparent in how a population of organisms [...]