Solar vs Hydropower

Because the earth is projected to run out of fossil fuels (planet earth’s main energy source) within 100 years, scientists are looking for alternatives energy sources that can sustain the earth for the long run. The two most viable solutions are Solar power (harnessing energy that comes from the sun) and Hydropower (harnessing energy from [...]


For two years running, Kerala, one of India's southernmost states, has seen record floods throughout the months of July and August that have cost untold billions in damage and have taken countless lives. This wanton destruction is the result of a yearly weather pattern that switches between a hot, dry climate to torrential downpours, known [...]

Environmental Science – Water Pollution

Any harmful substance towards water quality and aquatic life is considered a pollutant. They can be diseases, carriers, inorganic chemicals, sediments, radioactive chemicals, heat, or feces. There are multiple ways to measure water quality, especially the water quality index (WQI) that compiles several different measurements. Biological oxygen demand (BOD) is the amount of dissolved oxygen [...]