The Placebo Effect

The mind can have a powerful influence on our bodies and can even help our bodies heal. It can also sometimes trick us into believing that a fake treatment has real therapeutic results. This phenomenon is known as the placebo effect. A placebo is anything that seems to be a "real" medical treatment but isn't. [...]

The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

“55.6781° N, 60.7996° E” Those are the coordinates. The most polluted place on earth. Lake Karachay in the ural mountains (Russia) is widely regarded as the most polluted place on earth. In 1990 scientists discovered that standing on the shore for just 60 minutes would be enough to deliver 600 doses of Roentgen. Way more [...]

The Impending Water Crisis

There are three things that all life on earth requires. FoodAirWater Imagine a world where you would have to survive without one of these three essential things. Unfortunately, for some third world countries, they will not have to wonder about this post-apocalyptic scenario for much longer. Many countries in Africa are on the verge of [...]