Plastics of the future

We are living in the midst of an environmental crisis. At the time of writing this article there is an estimated 150 million metric tons of plastic polluting our oceans. Much of that plastic is petroleum based. Petroleum is a fossil fuel that is destructive to the ozone layer, and is existant in only a [...]

Top 5 Careers In Chemistry

According to College Factual, the chemistry major is ranked 32nd most popular out of the 384 college majors. About 25,000 degrees in the physical sciences (chemistry and physics) were given in the 2010-11 academic year of the 1.72 million total. About 25% of chemistry graduates go on to work in a directly related field, and [...]

Is the iPad Pro finally a worthy laptop replacement?

As you may know, Apple, ever since the release of the first-generation iPad Pro in November 2015, has been consistently claiming the Pro to be a device fully capable of replacing the laptops of the world, a result of its truly ludicrous performance and large, responsive screen, supposedly perfect for multitasking and drawing with the [...]

Are Stem Cell Treatments really promising?

What is Stem Cell Therapy and how does it work? Stem Cell Therapy, frequently referred to as regenerative medicine, induces the restoration response of dysfunctional, infected, or injured tissue using stem cells. Similar to organ transplantation, it aims to repair a damaged organ but uses cells instead of donated organs. Stem cells are grown in [...]

Java for Beginners

Java is a very popular programming language and it is used in a variety of occupations. Here is a quick tutorial for those of you who want to start learning Java. Variables Variables in Java are used to hold data, you can think of them as containers. For example, if you wanted to create a [...]

Artificial Intelligence and it’s growing implications in the medical sector

According to studies conducted by medical scientists and researchers in the United States, artificial intelligence is developing a much more influential role than it has held in previous years. How, specifically? By diagnosing the genetic disorders of any patient, just by examining a picture of their face. It seems quite simple; yet, the efficiency this [...]

The Growing Influence of Engineering in Space

With recent news involving spacecraft landing on Mars, the effect of engineers in space discovery is becoming more apparent to the public. Previously, most people would credit astronauts for their heroic duties in accomplishing the inner desire of humans: exploring the unknown. Now, engineers and scientists are proving to be the initiators of this approach, [...]