Fingerprint Scanners

Go to a Best Buy, Target, or any store that sells smartphones. There's a very good chance that the vast majority of the devices there have some sort of fingerprint reader - unless, of course, it's name begins with "iPhone X". Ever since the Pantech GI100 introduced the technology to the mobile world in 2004 [...]

Hydraulic Fracking

Oil is a commodity that is precious to our civilization as several parts such as transport and production depend on it. To constantly be able to meet our oil needs, the oil and gas industry has been expanding consistently for decades and advances in technology have been emerging in order to be able to occupy [...]

Carbon Nanotubes

In my last post, I explored the idea and the possibility for a real-life space elevator, a literal elevator to space, which, if built, would do nothing short of radically transform human space operations and exploration. However, I also mentioned that in order to construct such a mammoth structure, we would need to potentially braid [...]

Ocean pollution

“Pollution of the air or of the land all ultimately ends up in the sea” -Jacques Cousteau At the time of writing this article scientists speculate that there is an estimated 150 million metric tons of plastic polluting our marine bodies. And we are not even close to bringing that number down. In fact 8 [...]

The Space Elevator

Over the years, the idea of building such a thing as a space elevator has floated around the scientific community, although little to no progress has been - or possibly will be - made on such a thing. The idea of a space elevator is relatively self-explanatory - an elevator that can be used to [...]

The Placebo Effect

The mind can have a powerful influence on our bodies and can even help our bodies heal. It can also sometimes trick us into believing that a fake treatment has real therapeutic results. This phenomenon is known as the placebo effect. A placebo is anything that seems to be a "real" medical treatment but isn't. [...]

Fiber Optic Cables

All too often, the humble cable is overlooked in discussions of modern technological advancements, despite it being a crucial component of most larger-scale electrical and electronic systems today. However, a new advancement has been outperforming the traditional copper cable we see today, an advancement that holds great promise for the future of human technology and [...]

How Does a Solar Cell Work?

A Solar Cell or Photovoltaic Cell (PV cell) in the most basic definition absorbs the sun's light and converts into electrical energy. In this post, we explore an in-depth description of the function of a PV cell. Understanding this mechanism is important as this field is rapidly advancing, producing much smaller and more efficient PV [...]