The Flynn Effect

The world has experienced a number of dramatic changes over extended periods of time. One of these sustained, high-impact changes is the Flynn Effect, a psychological term utilized to refer to the widespread augmentation of crystallized and fluid intelligence that has been observed in the 20th century of human history. Several decades ago, the average [...]

Environmental Science – Non Renewable Energy Sources

Hey everyone! This post is about the four main types of non renewable energy sources! Let's begin with oil. Oil is created when microorganisms die and settle in the bottom of the oceans. They form a hydrocarbon mixture, and this is made up of the microorganisms, sediment, and runoff. Most of the world's oil reserves [...]

Influence of technology in government: how extreme is the U.S government’s surveillance with technology?

   In essence, the United States Republican government’s relationship to the people is a stark contrast to the relationship between the North Korean communist government to its people, or the former Soviet Union’s relationship as well. However, it is unfair to say that there is a clear dichotomy between these three models, for there may [...]

Environmental Science – Plate Tectonics

Welcome back to our Environmental Science series. On this talk, we will focus on our planet's plate tectonics. This incorporates our plate boundaries, the structure of our Earth, and a little bit of history. Let's get right to it! First of all, our Earth is made up of three main components: crust, mantle, and the [...]

Environmental Science – Impact and Worldviews

Hey everybody! Welcome back to our third talk on environmental science. We will be talking about our environmental impact and multiple worldviews that people have on our planet. Environmental impact is the impact that humans have on the environment. Whatever impact we have on this planet, good or bad, is our impact. To measure the [...]

Environmental Science – Population Dynamics

Hello everyone! In the last Environmental Science talk, we began talking about sustainability. In this talk, we are going to be moving on to the topic of population dynamics. Briefly, population dynamics encompass all the changes in specific or multiple populations, and relating the population to its environment. To understand this and dive deeper into [...]