Darwin’s Paradox

Darwin's Paradox originated around 200 years ago from none other than famed naturalist, Charles Darwin. Darwin's Paradox asked the question of how thriving coral reef ecosystems are able to flourish in otherwise barren areas of the Pacific Ocean. To explain this phenomenon, coral reefs and their contribution to ocean ecosystems must first be understood. Coral [...]

Environmental Science – Basics of Energy

Hey everyone, this talk will be focused on the basics of energy. Energy is the ability that something has to do work. Energy is used all around us and by us. There are several forms of energy: Potential energy is stored energy that is positional. Examples include: Gravitational Energy: the energy of a placeChemical Energy: [...]

Environmental Science – Impact and Worldviews

Hey everybody! Welcome back to our third talk on environmental science. We will be talking about our environmental impact and multiple worldviews that people have on our planet. Environmental impact is the impact that humans have on the environment. Whatever impact we have on this planet, good or bad, is our impact. To measure the [...]