Flint Water Crisis

In April 2014 disaster struck in one of Michigan’s largest cities. It was a disaster that still affects over 100,000 residents and the issue shows no signs of being resolved. The Flint Water Crisis is easily our nation's biggest blemish. This picture shows the comparisons between clean water, and the one in Flint Background?In order [...]

The Impending Water Crisis

There are three things that all life on earth requires. FoodAirWater Imagine a world where you would have to survive without one of these three essential things. Unfortunately, for some third world countries, they will not have to wonder about this post-apocalyptic scenario for much longer. Many countries in Africa are on the verge of [...]


At the time of writing this article, there are 7.7 billion people that live on earth today. That number keeps on rising because on average, 360,000 people are born every day! We are living in the middle of a crisis. We have too many people and not enough resources to sustain us all. Causes The [...]