The dangers of Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun and man-made sources like tanning beds. Our current concerns with UV radiation are the rays that come from the sun. Over the past couple decades, humans have been using products which result in ozone layer depletion. This decreases our atmosphere’s natural [...]

Alzheimers disease

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disorder that causes brain cells to degenerate and die. This disease is the number one cause of dementia- a continuous decline in thinking, behavioral and social skills that disrupts a person's ability to function independently. The early signs of the disease may be forgetting recent events or conversations and not [...]

Environmental Science – Water Pollution

Any harmful substance towards water quality and aquatic life is considered a pollutant. They can be diseases, carriers, inorganic chemicals, sediments, radioactive chemicals, heat, or feces. There are multiple ways to measure water quality, especially the water quality index (WQI) that compiles several different measurements. Biological oxygen demand (BOD) is the amount of dissolved oxygen [...]

The effects of cognitive load and optical flow on antagonist leg muscle co-activation during walking for young and older adults

Aging brings a progressive decline of balance and mobility. As people age, it is important that they walk efficiently and safely to maintain their independence and reduce their risk of falling, a major cause of injury and death among older adults. This study was conducted to see which external factors have more of an influence [...]


Biofuels are combustible fuels created from biomass; in other words, fuels created from recently living plant matter as opposed to the ancient plant matter underground that regular fossil fuels are created from. Unlike other renewable energy sources, biomass can be converted directly into liquid fuels to help meet transportation fuel needs. The idea behind biofuels [...]